Garden Maintenance Manual

One of my winter 2010/2011 projects was to create a maintenance manual for the garden for our own use as well as for the use of any future owner of the house and garden.  It  turned into quite a large tome – about 50 pages and about 23,000 words!    A couple of people asked if I’d be willing to share it and I can’t think of how to do that as a Word document.  So I put a copy here.  The Word version has a nice Table of Contents; I wasn’t sure how to do something like that here so I split it up into lots of smaller posts.   I’m not sure if I’ll be maintaining the information here/keeping it up to date, so what you read/see here might not reflect the current year’s garden but the garden will continue to be maintained in the spirit of this document.

Updated Jan. 2017

Don’t panic!

It’s easier that it might appear on first glance…  (and I’m verbose; there are lots of pictures and descriptions of the garden style and intent.)  The manual deals with the ‘why’ the various parts of the garden, as well as the mundane ‘what’ and ‘how’ to maintain the garden).  If you want to skip the detailed reading, go to the chore list first and read the detailed text as needed to understand the chores.  I do recommend, though, that you read the detail for each garden bed/area before you tackle the specific chores for it.



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