2012 To-do List

2012 To-do list 

  •   Late winter/early spring – sand and repaint air conditioner screen.  Use BM (Benjamin Moore) Bonsai  green to match the shed door.   Done
  •   Remove ligularia from west end of oak garden across from ‘wet corner’ and replace with rodgersia that will better tolerate the level of available moisture. Forgot to do this!  Ligularia seems to have died out….
  •   Divide the large blue hosta at the ramp-patio corner.  Replant one chunk in the same spot and place others in the oak garden, near the dead apple tree. Done
  •   Consider removing tree peonies from front bed – replace with…? Gave them a reprieve – not sure for how long….
  •   Consider pruning out some of the old stems of the Harlequin honeysuckle vine on the chainlink fence in the north alley…      Still need to do this….
  •   Prune honeysuckle on iron arbour top to level it out – the garage side is taller…. Removed it entirely and replaced with ‘Emerald Gaiety’ euonymus and ‘Henryi’ clematis
  • Prune 12″-18″ off the top of the Chinese wisteria tree – it is getting too tall and hard to reach with the long-arm pruners.  Trim the side branches as needed to keep a pleasing overall shape once the height has been reduced. Done
  • Begin training/pruning the beautybush in the living room bed to form a tunnel over the path along the back of the house. Done – but will be a work-in-progress for a few years
  • In spring prune the older, woody sage plants on the south side of the driveway to emphasize/display their woody bases – make into quasi-bonsai. Done
  • If the Highbush cranberries by the corner of the garage do not straighten up after the berries fall off in spring, prune back as necessary to allow clear passage along the garage path. Done

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