2013 To-do List

  • Finish re-leveling brick edging on the garage side of main front bed, and down the driveway border from the top end to the Chinese wisteria tree Not done – nephew to assist in 2014
  • Remove any purple coneflowers from the ‘teardrop’ bed; add Pasqueflowers and add dwarf Candytuft/Iberis as groundcover.  Continue to remove any remaining Russian Sage that reappears in that bed.   Most removed – but perennial plantings here need to be reassessed in 2014 – add ‘Midnight Rose’ heuchera to repeat/tie to other front bed plantings..?
  • Remove feverfew from front bed before it flowers, leaving the pulled plants on the ground as mulch.  Most feverfew gone.
  • Replace feverfew with a combination of dwarf Candytuft/Iberis and Pasqueflowers.   Some added but need more.
  • Remove any remaining daisies from the front bed and severely edit out the coneflowers (which are seeding around too vigorously. Also remove any perennial geraniums – seedlings of Brookside – but leave the Rozanne one under the ‘Randy’ magnolia.  A lot removed but more probably need to be, although Randy wants to keep coneflowers for the birds – reassess in 2014….
  • Add some dwarf flowering shrubs to replace some of the removed perennials (‘Hummingbird’ summersweet….? ‘Chardonnay Pearls’ deutzia…? ‘Miniature Snowflake’ mockorange…? Dwarf Hinoki Falsecypress Chamaecyparis obtusa “Nana Gracilis”?  a dwarf butterfly bush…?) Some added in 2013 – ‘Palibin’ lilac, ‘Bobo’ hydrangea, ‘Tiny Tuff Stuff’ hydrangea,,’Snow Dwarf’ mockorange.
  • Replace prostrate Veronica that edges the central path in the main front bed.  Replace with cream or white-flowered large sized (~2’) burgundy heucheras (Chocolate Ruffles…? Plum Pudding…?Midnight Bayou…? Crimson Curls…?) Replaced with several red-purpe heucheras.
  • Prune Serviceberry in front garden down to one trunk after flowering is finished. Not done – still considering the look I want.
  • Replace clematises on swag and south sideyard that did not survive the drought of 2012.  None needed replacing.
  • Divide large blue hostas in backyard – give some ‘Elegans’ to Becky. Gave some to Becky
  • Add a dwarf white pine to south woodland near dead apple tree…? Not done – not enough light – planted area with ferns.
  • Prune ‘Harlequin’ honeysuckle vines on north fence to get rid of some of the woodiest old stems. Done – killed it!
  • Continue to prune/train Beautybush (and nearby white redbud tree) to form arch over path from south alley.  Randy pruned Beautybush – too hard and ruined shape!
  • Prune ‘Queen Elizabeth’ rose in the north driveway border to attempt to make it a tree-form.  Prune all thin canes out at the base, leaving 1-2 of the thickest canes to form the main trunks.  Prune the top growth on those trunks to encourage the top to branch out and become bushy.  Done
  • Prune the large butterfly bush in the front bed to remove thin stems down to the base to make it look more like a multi-stemmed tree.   Prune off the top growth of the remaining stems at about 3.5′.  In July cut the new growth on those stems back by half to encourage side shoots to develop in order to produce more flowers. Done
  • Cut off the two older upright sucker-type limbs on the old pussy willow on the south side of the shed. Not done – do in 2014



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