2014 to-do list

  • Finish re-leveling bricks.Main front bed completed; top part of driveway border completed; ‘moat bed’ to be done in the fall after plants have died back. Update – never got around to finishing it in the fall – to do in spring 2015….
  • Refresh paths by adding new layer of pine bark mulch/concrete sand mix.  Done May 19-20 2014 put down a base of ‘crusher run’ gravel  on paths prone to wetness or washouts.  Packed down with water-filler roller and topped with pine bark mulch  rolled on top.
  • Remove old, unused soaker hoses from beds – where it is possible to do so without damaging plants. Done.
  • Replace dead/dying ‘Pink Beauty’ potentilla shrubs in the driveway border Done
  • Re-evaluate perennial plantings in the ‘teardrop’ bed – intent is to have relatively low plantings to compliment the central ‘The Swan’ hydrangea/clematis ‘x Durandii’ combination which should be mature enough soon to put on a good show.  Consider which of the existing perennial companions (iberis, pasqueflower, heuchera, perennial geranium should be expanded – or removed or replaced with something else – what…? (consider adding Blue-Eyed Grass, Erigeron glaucus ‘Sea Breeze’, Geranium renardii, blue flax, a saxifrage or two,….?) Removed purple coneflowers and replaced with dark purple heucheras (“Midnight Rose’ and ‘Midnight Ruffles’)  Added a couple of ‘Little Gem’ iberis.  Moved a Sedum ‘Matrona’ into the bed from a too-shady spot elsewhere in the front garden.  Need to reevaluate in 2015 before deciding on any further changes needed.
  • Prune off old upright ‘water sprouts’ from pussywillow by shed.Did not bother to do!
  • Encourage more horizontal growth on Japanese wisteria. on-going
  • Prune Chinese wisteria after flowering to reduce height and width again? Done
  • ‘Wet corner’ bed needs height and structure – consider what woody material might grow there…. plant an America Hornbeam in line with end of central path through south woodland beds….? Deferred to 2015
  • Divide bright green hosta SE of shed; – add some of it under pines – and to north side of front bed(?) Done – added to north side of front bed
  • Add Helleborus foetidus and a bright green hosta to the fern bed planted last fall against the fallen, dead apple tree.  Also try adding bunchberries (Cornus canadensis) to this bed and the red trillium area to the south of the shed to see if they will establish themselves there. Not done – decided hellebore not needed and have given up on trying to get bunchberries to survive here!
  • Divide big blue hosta on the fence side at the end of the south alley.  Add some divisions of it to the wet corner (?) Did not do.
  • Replace ‘Harlequin’ honeysuckle killed last year on north fence with clematis – ‘Betty Corning’ ? Also, if Kiwi vine (‘Issai’) on dead, fallen apple tree survived the winter, move to north fence. Added an ‘Issai’ kiwi and a male pollinator kiwi.
  • Consider what needs changing on the groundcover level in main front bed with the move to more shrubs – see comments re ‘teardrop’ bed….  Minor additions but no significant changes.
  • In the fall, replant a collection of vigorous small spring bulbs in the living room bed.  Forgot to do!  Will try to remember for fall 2015!
  • Plant a rhubarb in a big driveway pot. Done – plus one added to south side of front bed.
  • Add some pink Mammoth Mums to the north side of driveway border and red and/or rusty orange ones to the ‘hot’ bed on the south side of the driveway. Added Mammoth Dark Pink Daisy ‘mum to end of driveway border plus ‘Dreamweaver’ pink mum a short distance back from it; planted Mammoth Red and Dark Bronze mums in pots to assess their color and size before deciding whether to add to south driveway bed; planted a ‘Tigertail’ mum in south driveway bed.

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