2015 To-Do List

  • Finish re-leveling brick edging in moat bed. Done.
  • Plant a mix of small spring bulbs in living room bed and front ditch in the fall to supplement existing ones. Forgot to do!
  • Divide big hosta at end of south alley and plant some divisions in the wet corner bed.  Did not do…. plan to move some elsewhere in 2016.
  • Add a ‘Tuff Stuff’ hydrangea to front bed – a little behind the ‘Tiny Tuff Stuff’ already there. Done.
  • try adding green hostas to the bank along the back fence, under the pines Not done – think it will be too dry.
  • replant some Iberis along the bed edge, behind the log on the north side of the shed.  Not done – no available space now.
  • replant a ‘The President’ clematis on the back side of the front lift and a ‘Jackmani Superba’ or other vigorous Group 3 clematis on the front side of the lift.  Done.
  • Prune big lilac on south wall to improve shape as needed. Done.
  • If ‘Paul Farges’ and ‘Ramona’ clematises do not return with vigor, consider replacing them.  No changes in 2015 – but change planned in 2016 now that neighbour’s ash tree is gone.

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