2016 To-do list

  • Build up soil level on west side of front ditch where is has subsided, exposing the metal grass barrier that also holds the brick edging in place.  Re-sod as necessary. Done
  • Move a division of a large blue hosta to the SE side of the end of the driveway to pair with the one on the NE side. Done – but may have died in the summer drought.  Need to replant in 2017 if it does not return in spring.
  • Remove ‘Paul Farges’ clematis on south fence in backyard.  Add a ‘Vyvyan Pennell’ and/or ‘Ramona’? ‘Paul Farges’ kept pruned in 2016 but not removed.  Did not bloom.  Quite a few of the stems now originate on neighbour’s side of the fence.
  • replace chickenwire fence extension on south with hardware cloth(?) Hardware colth and plumbing pipes used to raise all fence heights to 6″ to help keep coyotes out.
  • add wire extensions to the top of the west and north fences to help coyote-proof them. Done
  • add more crusher-run gravel to path through front arbour to raise the path level. Done
  • Remove Baptisia from kitchen window bed; replace with alpine strawberries. Not done – kept stems pruned to the ground but still need to remove the roots.
  • Remove Baptisia from north alley; replace with ? Not done – kept stems pruned to the ground but still need to remove the roots.
  •  Evaluate light levels on south side of shed now that the pussywillow is gone.  Replant in fall with something appropriate for the light and moisture available there. Moved ‘Empress Wu’ hosta to beside the willow stump.  Willow stump still sprouting new growth that needs regular removal.   
  • Topdress and overseed backyard lawn again this spring.  Do a better job of watering – especially around the trunk of the ash tree where the dogs pee most often!  Done – but overseeding like now a regular spring – or late summer – chore…..
  • Shift the Empress Wu hosta further back in the bed under the oak – it might encroach on the path too much as it grows. Moved ‘Empress Wu’ to willow stump area beside shed; replaced with a smaller hosta.
  • Consider moving/replacing/hard pruning bushy perennial and shrubs that get brushed against when walking along paths – the objective is to minimize risk of transferring ticks from the plants to people passing by.  Pruned as necessary but not replaced.
  • stake the holly near the shed that is being grown as a single-trunked ‘tree’ – it is starting to lean. Done – but need to straighten support!

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