2017 To-do list

  • Remove Baptisia by path near kitchen window and at top of north alley – or keep stems pruned to the ground. Did not remove – kept cut down
  • Keep regrowth on the willow stump by the shed pruned off.Kept cut back
  • Prune or remove large perennials or shrubs that brush against you as you walk along paths. Kept cut back
  • In winter prune off branch on Kousa dogwood across from the patio where it is now interfering with easy walking on the path. Done
  • If drought-stricken 2016 hosta transplant on south side of driveway does not return in spring, replace with a new transplant.  Hosta did not survive and was not replaced
  • Transplant red-pink 2016 surprise clematis seedling on north alley fence to grow with the honeysuckle a short distance further west on the fence. Could not find the string around the stem to identify it in early spring so the clematis remains in place
  • remove peachy-colored heucheras from herb bed and replace with purple ones. Done
  • Adjust air conditioner screen to fit taller new air conditioner! Done

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